Healing Jeju Herb Dongsan

jeju-herb-dongsanA sight of Jeju Herb Dongsan's park area

Jeju Herb Dongsan

Jeju Herb Dongsan is a famous herbal park located on the world-class travel destination--Jeju Island in South Korea. Most visitors to this herbal garden and park are lovers of nature, gardens, health and well-being, and herbal plants.

Jeju Herb Dongsan offers an array of various herb species you can find. It has over 180 types of herbs and over 250 kinds of flowering plants.

This garden and park also offer a tangerine farm and other themed gardens. They are in a land of over 6600 square meters.

One garden offers guests a health experience garden where you can participate and enjoy making natural health products, including soap, tea, oil, spices, and such items from the herbs in the area.

Located in Seogwipo, this Jeju Herb Garden will be the right place for some healing after your busy vacations in other parts of Jeju Island.

Get a relaxing feeling and calm break on a spring afternoon. This expansive garden has a variety of plants, and those are kinds of wildflowers and herbs.

While taking a walk along the garden's paths, you can smell the herbal scents that will give you a refreshing feeling.

There is also fantastic scenery here and don't forget to take pictures with the background of its landscapes. Find a calm vibe with the beautiful nature in this herbal garden!

Jeju Herb farm is a sensual delight to visit. Located just outside of Pyoseon in Jeju's southeast, it is a great place to be naturally rejuvenated.

The herb gardens are home to around 180 different varieties of herbs, and a stroll through them is a magical feast for the senses. Herb Dongsan offers a great day out to enjoy nature and explore the cleverly laid out gardens.

A maze garden near the entrance greets visitors with a mixture of herbs and flowers. From here, gardens branch out in every direction, each with different themes.

Most plants are labeled though usually with their Korean and scientific names. There are many different varieties of gardens to enjoy and many surprises tucked along the little pathways, so make sure to explore all the parks.

jeju-herb-dongsanJeju Herb Park turns magical when darkness comes through LEDs

Day and Night Service
You will undoubtedly enjoy the details of the herbs, flowers, plants, and fruits during the day. However, you would also appreciate Jeju Herb park's beauty differently in the evening.

The park and garden is enlivened with colorful LED (light-emitting diodes) lights at night or evening time.

Your experience during the day and evening will be totally different. More romantic in the evening, while more of a holiday atmosphere during the day!

Useful Information

Please, find the following details of this garden and park.

Location / Address: 170 Don Oreum-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si

Admission Fee Rates:

  • Day Time: 10,000 KRW
  • Evening: 12,000 KRW

Should you want more information about the place, you may use the following contact number: 0647877363

Website: http://www.herbdongsan.com/

Getting to Jeju Herb Dongsan Park

For international visitors, if you enter the country through Incheon International Airport (ICN), you can take either a train or taxi to Gimpo International Airport (GMP) and take a plane to Jeju International Airport (CJU).

From Jeju Airport, call a taxi to bring you to the Jeju Herb Dongsan area. Know that you can rent a vehicle for a very reasonable rate that you can freely use around the island for a day or two, depending on your plan.

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