Jeju Horse-Racing Farm

jeju-horse-racing-farmA handsome and dark stallion at the farm

Jeju Horse-Racing Farm Park

Jeju Horse Racing Farm is called "Let's Run Farm Jeju" by its management. It is established about 450 meters above sea level in the mountainous area of Gyorae-ri, Jeju Island.

The horse-racing farm is a pasture land where they graze stallions. This beautiful horse farm is being raised in over two million square meters of land.

TRIVIA: Jeju Horse Racing Farm's charms are becoming popular as settings for filming movies. Two of the famous and successful local films include the "Lump of Sugar" (각 설탕) and "Grand Prix."

Visitors can explore the horse farming to observe horses, stroll around, engage in various leisurely activities, and see events depending on the season and availability of activities. More on this below.

Interesting Farm & Activities

As a farm, Jeju Horse-racing Farm is excellent all-year-round due to the various kinds of plants you can see depending on the season.

During the Spring, expect that you will find fields of sunflowers, poppy plants, and other indigenous flowering bushes and plants.

They also plant barley and other grains for crop rotation, which involves good practices in farming.

During the accessible period, you can enjoy the following activities...

  • wander or stroll around the farm
  • leisurely walk with friends, family, and children
  • ride a bicycle
  • play a horseshoe-throwing game
  • watch the wild roe deers
  • learn about horse culture
  • sit, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere under the blue skies and white clouds, etc.
jeju-horse-racing-farmA field of flowers on Jeju Horse-Racing Farm for all visitors to see
jeju-horse-racing-farmPoppy flower field


Besides the above activities, you can also meet and talk with the young jockeys who are the stars of the game, aside from the horses.

As mentioned above, you can learn about horse culture when exploring the equipment at the ranch, which is being used for breeding and raising them in preparation for their healthy horse life.

Operation Hours
Jeju Horse-racing Farm is accessible to the public from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10:30 AM to 5 PM.

Entrance fee. There is no charge for visitors. Guests, including families with children, can enjoy the green ranch and watch young jockeys training with their horses.

At times, children can do horse-back riding free of charge.

jeju-horse-racing-farmRelaxing space and atmosphere at Jeju Horse-racing Farm

Let's Run Farm Jeju

This ranch and horse farm raises the best bred and most beautiful horses in the country.

The ranch manages a 'tractor horse coach tour' for all visitors who want to learn and enjoy the farm facilities.

You can tour around stables on a double-horse carriage while listening to the horse experts who will explain the methods and facilities.

The Tractor Horse Coach Tour runs five to six times daily, starting at 11 AM until 4:30 PM only from Wednesdays to Sundays.

However, visitors who come on the weekend must purchase tickets to ride the coach. Guests under 13 years old shall pay 2,000 KRW, and above 13 should pay 3,000 KRW (please note that rates could change).

Accessible Facilities

  • Public Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Beverage Stand
  • Guidance and Information Facilities
  • Alarm and Evacuation Facilities

Getting to Jeju Horse Racing Farm

You can take public transportation such as a bus or taxi to Jeju Horse Farm. Please, find below the bus ride guide.

By Bus
From Jeju International Airport, walk to Ora 3-dong and take bus #463 to get to Jeju Bus Terminal. At Jeju Terminal, take bus #231 that goes to Seogwipo Bus Stop to find Jeju Farm. It would be best if you walked up to KRA (Jeju Horse-racing Center).

By Taxi
Get a taxi from Jeju International Airport's bus and taxi waiting areas. It should take less than an hour to get to Jeju Horse Racing Farm.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll have a great and relaxing day at the farm.

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