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tallest lotte world tower

Lotte World Tower is a multi-function structure located at the bustling and heart of Seoul. The Tower belongs to one of the biggest conglomerates of South Korea.

Lotte World Tower is not only the tallest skyscraper in South Korea but also the 5th tallest building in the world. It stands at 555 meters above solid ground in a shopping area.

This 123-floor building was designed via inspiration from Korean ceramics and Korean writing brushes.

This gigantic, towering, and imposing sight boasts its various business and luxury facilities including...

  • galleries
  • hotels, cafes
  • skywalk and observation deck
  • outside glass elevator
  • shops and restaurants
  • game and entertainment facilities
  • electronic shops
  • furniture and home decors

If you want to see Seoul from above, explore with your eyes the breathtaking sigh of the living Seoul.

Sitting right beside Lotte World Tower is Lotte World Mall. It features a complex of department stores that sell various luxurious and affordable products for all shoppers--Avenuel.

This Mall is drawing thousands of visitors and shoppers daily. Lotte Mall displays an array of both local and foreign brands.

Besides products, Lotte World Mall also offers varied choices of entertainment and relaxation facilities including theaters, colossal aquarium, concert hall, sitting areas, and other facilities.

lotte-world-towerPanorama and Lotte Tower

Overview of Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall

This is just a general view of what you are going to see when you visit the area. So, the following could serve as your blueprint of this enormous place.

Lotte World Mall

At Lotte World Mall you can explore Lotte's various business extensions such as Lotte Mart, Avenuel, shopping mall, Lotte Hi-Mart, local and international restaurants, cafes, Lotte Cinema, Lotte Concert Hall, among many places.

Podium - Art, Culture and One-stop Lifestyle (5-12th Floor)

Podium is where you can find anything related to health, life, and aesthetics. For example, you can visit a premium health care center, fitness centers, cosmetic or aesthetic clinics, finance centers, public relation hall, and a gallery.

Contemporary Arts in the World (7th Floor)

Go to Lotte Museum of Art to discover famous work of arts of the contemporary world. This museum introduces modern art that depicts the new wave of artworks and their electrifying dynamism.

Lotte Museum of Art is where you can experience Korean contemporary arts, as well as Korea's culture, is being communicated through the museum's displays.

Prime Office -- Global Business Hub (14-38 Floor)

Prime Office is where you need to go for your business development. It is a space for business creativity for leading global companies.

Aside from building your business with a new paradigm and creative approaches, you will also enjoy its infrastructure catered for leisure, relaxation, and shopping activities.

WorkFlex (30th Floor)

WorkFlex is where you can find private office space for your beloved business. It also offers a variety of shared areas for various businesses that come with modern technology facilities and customized services you can easily access.

It offers a total of 66 rooms. Each room can accommodate over 500 guests or business people.

Whatever your needs are, you will be provided with spaces for your business activities. Less than a hundred people can also be accommodated in an office room.
※ call for reservation : +82-2-3213-5555~6

Sky31 Convention

Sky31 is considered the tallest convention complex in South Korea. The complex offers its superior convention infrastructure and facilities.

Sky31 Convention is 555 meters high where participants do not only enjoy the advanced technology it employs but also the fantastic views around and outside.

Signiel Residences (42-71 Floors)

Signiel Residences offers a 'globally prestigious life' in the heart of Seoul. It employs the best residential service in the world to its occupants.

Its services are only for those who wish to be first-class residents of this place.

Lotte World Tower's Signiel (76-101 Floors)

This place offers the best services more than a hotel can offer. Aside from business, you can also enjoy tourism activities, shopping, cultural exposure, entertainment, among many conveniences of living a luxurious life.

Premier 7 VVIP (108-114 Floors)

These floors offer the country's best office spaces for very important business visitors.

There are private offices which provide creative business space for only 7 persons. Imagine that compared to the world's population--7 billion. These 7 premier offices are created exclusively for 7 special individuals with special privileges.

Global Top 3 Observatory (117-123 Floors)

If you want to feel the excitement above the ground, head to these floors and see the world--Seoul.  Its highest observatory is on the 123rd Floor.

Prepare yourself to move up very quickly as you ride the double-decker elevator. This elevator moves 10 meters per second.

Going up there is nice during day time, but it would be more surprising if you do in the evening to see nightlights.


You can find various facilities for your needs while at Lotte Tower. The immediate and usual ones include:

  • Parking Facilities
  • Washrooms
  • Baby strollers
  • Wheelchairs, etc.

Address: 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Inquiry: +82-2-3213-5000
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Getting to Lotte World Tower

Feel free to take any public transportation available. If you don't want to get caught up by the traffic, take the subway.

Buses and taxis are also available depending on your point of departure.

Thanks for reading this article.

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