naejangsan national park
Is its best during the autumn season that's why
it is dubbed as the 'Geumgangsan of Honam'

naejangsan-national-parkRoadside view during the Fall Season in the park

naejangsan national park

Naejangsan (Hanja: 內藏山, Hangeul: 내장산) National Park is located on North and South Jeolla Provinces of South Korea.

The park has over 76 thousand square kilometers of area. It was designated as a national park in 1971.

It is believed to be one of the best mountains for exploration, especially when its foliage turns into various colors during the Autumn season.

Nowadays, not only locals but also foreign visitors come to enjoy hiking and the bright crimson leaves that cover the mountains in Fall.

Due to this spectacle, Naejangsan Mountain and the park as a whole has been dubbed as the “Geumgangsan of Honam.”

Attractions in Naejangsan Park

In addition to the incredible spectacle during the Fall season, you can also discover lots of beautiful and exciting attractions in the park.

Here are some of them…

Dodeokpokpo Falls and Other Waterfalls
There are many magnificent and famous waterfalls in the parking area. Two of the famous waterfalls are Dodeokpokpo Waterfall and Guemseonpokpo Waterfall.

Even the mountain gods take their bathe at these waterfalls because they are so beautiful and irresistible.

Baekyangsa and Naejangsa Temples
These two temples are the most visited and famous Buddhist temples in the area.

Locals and pilgrims come to pay their respects and offer prayers to their ancestors and relatives who were gone or are still living in the area.

The serene temple environment of Baekyangsa Temple is full of diverse tree species. Some of which retain their verdant leaves even during the Winter season.

On the other hand, go to Naejangsa Temple during the Fall season to witness the incredibly colorful leaves.

It is said that over 700 species of plants are being designated as natural monuments in the park. Besides, various species of insects and wild animals are making their home within the park.

naejangsan-national-parkStairway facility in the park

Of course, in most other remaining seasons, you can experience other faces of beauty in Naejangsan National Park.

Let’s check out which beautiful places and attractions are available...

Available sites & Attractions

The places, sites or attractions available to the public may include items related to structures, nature, or human-made facilities, such as below…

  • Iljumun Gate - Naejangsa Temple
  • Byeongnyeonam Hermitage - Seoraebong Peak
  • Wonjeogam Hermitage - Bulchulbong Peak
  • Naejangsa Temple - Geumseondae Cliff
  • Geumseongyegok Valley - Kkachibong Peak
  • Seoraebong Peak - Gugwansa Temple
  • Naejangsa Temple - Yeonjabong Peak
  • Parking Lot No.5 - Seoraeyaksu Mineral Water
  • Ipam Ticket Office - Entrance of Saejae Pass
  • Manhwaje - North Gate
  • Daega - Sinseongbong Peak
  • Deungcheon-ri - Eunseon-dong
  • Baekyangsa Temple - Namgyeongseong Prayer House
  • Chonnam Univ. Training Center - Eunseongol Samgeori
  • Entrance of Yaksaam Hermitage - Gain Village
  • Unmunam Crossroads - Ongdalsaem Crossroads


For Inquiries:  +82-63-538-7875~6, +82-61-392-7288

Naejangsan National Park Facilities

Similar to other Korean provincial and national parks, you can find various facilities at Naejangsan National Park.

The facilities are generally basic but useful ones for any visitor or hiker. Some of them are the following...

Parking Areas
Naejangsan Region - 6 locations (Parking Lots 1-5, Campground parking)
Baegam Region - 5 locations (Parking Lots 1-4, Namchang Parking Lot)

Entrance fee is for Free…
But fees to cultural assets areas may be collected.

Parking Fee will be collected with the rate based on the size of your vehicle: from 2-7,500 Won per vehicle.

Handicaps’ Facilities
An exclusive washroom available for people with physical disabilities
A free wheelchair is accessible for rental basis. Ask for it at the Information Desk area.

For the ‘blind’ visitors, a special path and raised foot-path and Nature Observation paths are being maintained.

For such a facility, one may have to ask for further information from the information desk at the park.

Baby Strollers are available for rent at the information center

Now, if you want to know how to get there, let me provide some suggestions for public transports available such as from Seoul to Naejangsan.

Getting to Naejangsan National Park

The following public transports are based on the information I have researched and available online.

Train (from Seoul Station to Jeongeup Station)
Take a KTX from Seoul Station to Jeongeup Station. You can transfer to another type of train at Osong Station.

Then from Jeongeup Station, you can take a Taxi for the Naejangsan National Park area (around 25 minutes).

Approximate Travel Expenses: 60-95,000 Won
Approsimate Time Travel: 2 hours 37 minutes

By Bus (Seoul - Gwangju - Baekyangsa - Naejangsan) - 6 hours 37 minutes
Take a bus from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal to Gwangju (around 3 hours travel time). Then transfer to another bus in Gwangju for Baekyangsa (Temple).

From Baekyangsa Temple, you may walk for around 5 kilometers to reach Naejangsan National Park area (about 1-hour walk).

Approximate Travel expenses: 22-36,000 Won
Approximate Time Travel: 6 hours 34 minutes


More Routes
Starting from Central City Terminal (Honam Line), take a bus to Jeongeup Intercity Bus Terminal.

Get off at Jeongeup, then take Bus No.171 until you reach the Naejangsan Bus Terminal Service Area (a roadside bus stop area).


NOTE: I will update this article with my personal experiences after my travel to the area. Of course, more photos, guides, stories, and useful information will be added to this article. Stay tuned, then!


Thanks for scanning down this page. If you found this useful, please let your friends or family member know.

Hope you have wonderful journeys. Keep in touch!

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