byeonsanbando national park

jikso-fallsJikso Falls in Byeonsanbando Park

byeonsanbando national park

Byeonsanbando National Park is South Korea’s lone designated national park that boasts both mountains and sea.

Byeonsanbando was designated in 1988 as a national park. It is divided into large areas: the Oebyeonsan (outer Byeonsan) in the shore area, and Naebyeongsan (Inner Byeongsan) in the inland area.

Byeonsanbando National Park has three primary and famous mountain peaks including Uisanbong Peak (508 meters high), Sinseonbong Peak (486 meters high), and Ssanseonbong Peak (459 meters high). These peaks are popular for both two features: unique rock formation and Buddhist temples.

Byeonsanbando is also famous for the old and historical Buddhist temples such as Gaeamsa Temple, Naeamsa Temple, and Naesosa Temple. As the dominant religion in Korea is Buddhism, many Koreans travel to Byeonsanbando not only to wonder its beauty but also to worship and offer supplication for many wishes.

Trivia: Byeonsanbando as a habitat for flora and fauna has over 990 animal species and over 870 various plants. Around 1.5 million visitors come to the national park to enjoy the natural environment and living things.

Aside from the grandiose mountain peaks, and serene temples, Byeonsanbando National Park also boasts its impressive and mesmerizing waterfalls the like of Jikso Falls, among others. It would help if you didn't miss exploring Bongnae Valley, Nakjodae Overlook, and the historical sites like the Guamri Dolmens and Yucheonril Kiln.

Most of these beautiful features are accessible unless otherwise announce as restricted to visitors. The following is your guide when planning to explore the park.

naesosa-templeHistorical Naesosa Temple

hiking trails and exploration destinations

There are varied trails and sites you can try and enjoy in Byeonsanbando. They could be mountains and rock formations, old Buddhist temples, waterfalls, or beach and shore areas. See them below...

  • Ugeumam Course
  • Swippulbawi Rock Course
  • Naesosawonam Course
  • Naesosa Course
  • Gyeokpo Course
  • Naebyeonsannamyeochi Course
  • Naebyeonsannaesosa Course
  • Wonamnamnyeoi Course
  • Jikso Falls Course

The park is accessible or preferably allowed for exploration during the day and highly restricted during night-time or when darkness covers the park – of course, for safety reasons for the hikers. Usually, it is restricted to hike when the sun sets and two hours before sunrise.

However, this also depends on the time needed by the hiker to reach the peak. So, ensure that you confirm your visit and learn ahead of the things you need to know.

To preserve and protect the Byeonsanbando National Park from damage and possible destruction of its features, some actions are being taken seriously by authorities. Please see the following items…

Notices: 1) There is a seasonal forest fire caution period: February 16 – May 11 (Spring) and November 15 – December 15 (Autumn); 2) Preservation Areas closed to the public: Gamaso Prayer House 3-way intersection (until 2026) and Bongnaegok Peak – Sajadong (until 2028).

Below, are the facilities available for guests and hikers. Some facilities are not free, but it is nothing compared to what you will get or experience in this park! Surely you will agree with me on this^^

parking lot facilities

A parking area designated for visitors is available nearby or within the park. A parking fee will be collected basically to support the national project in conserving the park. There are two main parking lots. The first one is…

Naesosa Temple Parking Lot
The fee for your vehicle is by the hour, and for additional time use, additional charge will be collected. Also, your fee depends on the size of your private vehicle.

  • 1 Hour: 500 Won [Small], 1,100 Won [Medium], 2,000 Won [Large]
  • Per extra 10 Minutes: 100 Won [S], 250-300 Won [M], 400-500 Won [L]
  • Over 9 hours: 5,000 Won [S], 13,000 Won [M], 20,000 [L]
  • *FREE service: Regular Shuttle Buses but excludes a monthly parking fee

Naebyeonsan Mountain Parking Lot
Different from the first one, this parking lot only offers a flat rate payment basis. It means that the rates only take into account the size of your vehicle, its weight, and capacity of passengers.

  • Vehicles less than 1000cc: 1,000 Won; Vehicles more than 1000cc: 2,000 won
  • Vans with less than 25 passengers: 2,500 Won; Vans with more than 25 passengers: 3,000 Won
  • Vehicles weighing less than 4 Tons: 2,000 Won; Vehicles weighing over 4 Tons: 3,000 Won


contact details

Address: Silsang-gil, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 부안군 변산면 실상길

National & Provincial & County Parks
Inquiries: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
For more information: +82+63-582-7808

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getting to byeonsanbando national park

You can travel to Byeonsanbando from almost all points of origin in South Korea. Thanks to its very systematic public transport system. So, here’s how…

  • Proceed to Seoul Central City Bus Terminal (Express Bus Terminal Station, Subway Line 3,7,9) and take any bus service you wish to avail (*There is a regular, premium, and deluxe seats. All are air-conditioned buses).
  • As you arrived at your destination, take an Intercity Bus to Buan Intercity Bus Terminal.
  • Then from Buan Bus Terminal, take another bus bound for Gyeokpo-ri.
  • Finally, get off at Gyeokpo Bus Terminal – then have fun!

Thanks for reading through the page and I hope this is useful.
Enjoy and safe travels!

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