The Luxurious Ananti Cove

luxurious-ananti-coveTrail at the luxurious Ananti Cove

luxurious ananti cove of busan

The luxurious Ananti Cove is a premium oceanfront resort, residence, and leisure complex in Busan. This luxurious facility with urban-like lifestyle boasts its impressive arrays of facilities and services. Ananti’s accommodation includes hotel rooms, penthouses, and private residences.

Among others, its major attraction, aside from the ocean views, are the hot spring facilities including water pools, saunas, and spas.

Basically, Ananti Cove property is consist of the following main facilities…

  • Condominiums
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming pools
  • A bookstore
  • Shopping facilities
  • And other bleisure (business + leisure) facilities

Let’s, check out more some details below…

Luxury Features of Ananti Cove

Ananti Penthouse Haeundae
It is an additional advantage of Ananti Cove. Ananti Penthouse is the resort’s signature facility that “brings further luxury and elegance” of the resort complex.

Ananti Penthouse is composed of 90 units all of which have an ocean view. The conventional hotels and resorts make guests feel bored. Seeing the offers of Ananti, people got attracted and bought units for reasons of living a more comfortable house plus the beauty of the sea areas and nature.

Ananti Private Residence
Aside from the luxurious Ananti Penthouse, Ananti Cove also has its private residence. The residence has 128 units all of which features similar luxury facilities as the penthouse.

Most of the units were quickly sold out. However, for the sake of non-members who want to experience life at Ananti Cove, a number of the residences were not sold.

The Water House
The Water House is a hot spring water leisure facility for family guests and couples. This facility is composed of many indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and spas being supplied with hot spring water.

The Water House hot spring water facilities are getting around thousand tons of hot spring water daily. According to the source, establishing this valuable resource maximizes the additional in attracting more guests and customers to the resort complex.

Ananti Town
This Town is believed to be the primary feature of the resort that will attract more visitors. It is composed of fifteen branded shops, such as a bookstore, coffee shop, restaurants, pet care center, anti-aging clinic and other unique shops not usually offered in many similar places.

The bookstore, called “Eternal Journey,” is no ordinary bookstore. It is where you can discover various types of cultural contents as well as your personal interests. The books are categorized based on 50 subjects most of which are on liberal arts themes.

The Town has both an Italian restaurant and a Japanese restaurant. The famous Sant’ Eustachio il Caffe coffee shop offers its Italian coffee to its valued guests.

Hilton Busan Ananti Cove

The Hilton Busan Hotel
The essential part of Ananti Cove is the Hilton Busan. It has 310 rooms that accommodate bleisure guests (business + leisure). The rooms are good for business people as well as family vacationers.

Just like most luxury hotels, Hilton Busan offers restaurants, swimming pools, health club, conference halls, and more.

The difference between Hilton Busan at Ananti Cove and other hotels is that is it located in a serene and secluded safe area with magnificent vistas of the sea. Besides, the hotel has a wide range of activities, leisure facilities, programs, and other exciting vacation offers.

The hotel has four types of rooms, most of which are over 60 square meters in size. It means that you will surely have a comfortable space and homey ambiance during your stay.

ananti-cove-hilton-hotelHilton Hotel of the luxurious Ananti Cove

More facilities at Hilton Busan include…

  • Da Moim - an all-day dining restaurant; can accommodate up to 500 guests
  • McQueen’s Bar and McQueen’s Lounge - offers grilled dishes and alcohol & beverages
  • Grand Ballroom - can accommodate up to 1,500 guests and with three ocean views; accepts wedding event and other social functions
  • Chapel - accommodates wedding ceremonies; has views of the sea and an ocean terrace as reception space for newly-weds and guests

1.5-kilometer Trail
Certainly, one can do all sorts of exercises inside the facility. However, you can also go out of the walls of the facility. You can take a walk, jog, run, or simply stroll on the 1.5-kilometer paved trail in front of the luxurious Ananti Cove facility.

Yes, I hiked this trail and saw some guests jogging and taking a walk. I took some photos, but of course, I could not or would not be allowed to go in--only for residents and registered guests...

But I promised myself (maybe a dream!) that someday I will book a room and enjoy anything I can while under its service.

ananti-coveA trail at Ananti Cove
ananti-cove-seaviewNature's view of the sea at Ananti Cove

Other Accommodation Choices

Of course, you find easily find other hotels or accommodation facility nearby this luxurious Ananti Cove. One of your best choices is the Haeundae Beach area. You have varied choices of services and rates with sea views.

Some of the hotels located in Haeundae Beach area include…

See more Haeundae Beach hotels here.

other nearby attractions

Being at Ananti Cove area is already a big advantage. It is in the middle of travel destinations and attractions for both local and international travelers.

Some of these attractions include…

Please, find out more here.

haedong-yonggungsa-templeHaedong Yonggungsa Temple is the closest attraction to Ananti Cove

getting to ananti cove

Although it is not hard to get to Ananti Cove, there are more than a couple of ways to get there quickly. Of course, given that you already are in Busan area.

Here are your choices…

It takes 15 minutes by car from Haeundae Beach. Yes, you can either hire a driver or rent a car in the city (if you are not driving your private vehicle).

It takes around 30 minutes from Busan Train Station. It means that you can either take a taxi or drive a car to the place.

It also takes about 1 hour from Gimhae International Airport by private car or taxi. You can do transfers by taking a bus, subway, and taxi to get there.

Thanks for reading this article. Safe travels!

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