Bipokdong Valley Waterfall

bipokdong-valley-waterfallThe waterfall during Autumn season

Bipokdong Valley Waterfall

Bipokdong Valley Waterfall is a fantastic sight near Nawmwon City. The waterfall is the seventh scenic spot in Guryong Valley, belonging to Jirisan National Park in South Korea.

"Bipokdong" roughly means a "valley with a waterfall flying up(ward)." That is how the local observers describe the mesmerizing sight of the falling water of Bipokdong Waterfall.

Bipokdong's water comes down from Banwoldong Peak of Jirisan National Park.

A beautiful description of the water falling is that it looks like "a dragon flying up into the sky" from which it gained its name.

bipokdong-valley-waterfallWider view of Bipokdong Falls
bipokdong-valley-waterfallStream of Guryong Valley meeting Bipokdong Waterfall
guryong-valleyView of the valleys on the way to Guryong Falls
guryong-valleySteps and pine trees leading towards the Guryong Falls

Personally, I didn't have that first impression of imagining what others have said about it, as described above. I can only say that it was fantastic. I said, saying, "WOW!

In fact, I stayed longer at this site more than any other sights in this area. I stayed longer not only because it was beautiful but also to keep memories--taking lots of photos.

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