birobong peak is a fantastic highest peak of Chiaksan National Park offering spectacular vistas

birobong-peakFantastic view from Birobong Peak's trail

birobong peak in chiaksan national park

Birobong Peak in Chiaksan National Park is one of the best destinations in Wonju. I am presuming that you can hike to get to the peak.

If not, you can just stay at the foot of the mountain or at the entrance of Chiaksan park to appreciate its beauty in the distance.

Birobong Peak, the highest one in Chiaksan, is approximately 1,288 meters high above sea level. On the top, one will have spectacular vistas of Wonju County and the surrounding areas of Gangwondo Province’s mountain ranges.

By the way, from Seoul, for example, you can get to Wonju City within two hours by bus or regular train, or faster by a bullet train.

birobong-peakI made it to the peak, whew!

birobong peak's features

Above all, the peak of Birobong does not only have fantastic views of the surroundings and the beautiful peaks around it...

It has space safe enough for hikers (or climbers!) to rest and enjoy your energy-giving food and drinks.

birobong-peakSansin (mountain god) Pagoda on Birobong Peak, one of the three stone pagodas

Photography is also great on top. The mountain peaks of its surrounding mountains give your photos fantastic touch as backgrounds. You will notice the gradation of colors which you can always observe in most pictures with such backgrounds.

The air is crisp. The breeze was cool and comforting. I heard some hikers say that wind could be strong that it blew away their paper cups filled up with ‘Makkeolli’ drink.

It was a great feeling to be on top of Birobong. It was an achievement and proud that I made it (that’s because I chose the challenging hiking course!).

birobong-peakRelaxing views on my way to the top of Birobong

I believe that most hiking courses or trails are great… because you will see lots of exciting and beautiful things--streams, rock formations, trees, squirrels, birds, among others.

I tracked this hiking course:

Guryong Information Center -- Guryongsa Temple -- Seryeom Falls -- Sadari Byeongchang (cliff) -- Birobong Peak

seryeom-fallsDropping by Seryeom Falls on my way to Birobong Peak

If you ask if I did like it? Yes, I was happy with the course I took. I thought that the steps built on the steep climbs made it possible for me to accomplish the challenge.

If you decide to take this trail, ensure that you have enough liquids and snacks or food to replenish your strength. It was very challenging 3-kilometer climb from Seryeom Falls but very satisfying.

birobong-peakSteps help hikers/climbers go up

the story

Among many ancient stories and legends made about Birobong Peak in Chiaksan National Park, one of the interesting ones is that one inscribed on the peak.

The inscription goes…

Maitreya Buddha Stone Towers at Birobong Peak
The Maitreya Buddha Stone Pagoda erected at Birobong Peak in Chiaksan Mountain Park include the Yongwangtap Pagoda (north), Sansintap Pagoda (center), and Chilseongtap Pagoda (north). It is said that Yong Chang-jung (or Yong Jin-su), the owner of a bakery in Wonju, dreamt that a mountain god commanded him to build by himself three stone towers on the top of Birobong Peak within three years. Thus, Yong erected the five-story stone Pagodas from September 1962 to 1964. However, the pagodas collapsed due to unknown causes in 1967 and 1972 and were restored each time, since 1994, the pagodas have been demolished by lightning three times and restored by the Chiaksan National Park Office.

That’s a direct quotation from the inscription installed near the central pagoda.

Below is a raw video I took with my camera. I hope it helps me describe further the peak and the park...

getting to birobong peak

You have various choices of public transports when deciding to get to Wonju City. There are intercity buses and express buses available from various points in South Korea.

From Seoul, you can take a bus, train, taxi, or rent a car to get there. Here are some of your choices of transports…

Bus +
Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu) to Wonju Express Bus Terminal which will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Then from the Wonju Terminal, you can take a taxi (but a bit costly). Therefore, a bus could be an option.

A bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is another option when going to Wonju City. Then take a taxi or bus to Chiaksan National Park.

Train +
You can take a train from Cheongnyangni Station to Wonju Station which will take more than an hour. From Wonju station, you can either take a taxi or bus (#41-1) to Chiaksan National Park.

where to stay in wonju

Wonju is the most populated city in Gangwon Province. It used to be the center of the province where the governor resided a long time ago.

Wonju City is a modern city with various public facilities, entertainment establishments, parks, museums, historic sites, educational institutions, shopping areas, and accommodation resources.

As a city, Wonju has modern buildings including hotels, motels, pension houses, room for rents, office buildings/rooms for rent, and other facilities either for sale or rent with various conditions and offers.

Agoda online booking is the chosen provider of this weblog because I know the hotels it offers to travelers, like you and me, are highly recommended by travelers who have been or stayed in those accommodations.

Yes, I trust that online booking site’s recommendations BECAUSE I have been using them and I never regretted, not once, for booking its hotels.

I am saying this not because I get something from it but because Agoda hotels offer international standards--safer, clean, friendly, nearby great places, cheaper rates, quick booking, among many positive points.

When I visited Wonju, I stayed at Sky Motel which is located close to the culture street (restaurants, entertainments, etc.) and the historic Gangwon Gamyeong (old office of Gangwon governor which is turned into a sightseeing garden with ponds and great to be explored during evening time).

That’s a long description, alright!

What I am saying is that I enjoyed my travel in Wonju and Birobong Peak because I rested well, and I know that I have a cozy room where I feel relaxed, safe, and well-attended.

Thanks for reading this page and I hope it helps your search.
Until your next visit to my site, please enjoy your travels always!

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