Dadaepo Sunset Fountain

busan-dadaepo-sunset-fountainSpectacular sight of Dadaepo Sunset of Dreams fountain (image:

Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams

Dadaepo Sunset Fountain is an exciting and famous spot located close to the well-known beach area of Dadaepo Beach in Busan City. The beach is also renowned for its expansive sandy shore adding more attraction to the fountain.

The fountain is believed to be the world's largest or highest water fountain. Being one of a kind, its water shoots up to 55 meters above its foundation, attracting not only young couples but also people of various ages.

The fountain was established in 2009, and since then it is garnering over one million visitors annually.

Automatically operated, the fountain displays water dancing lively with background music and accompanying lights. The spectacle is so amazing and mesmerizing that people call it the "fountain of dreams".

The Dancing Fountain

Music Selections
As mentioned above, the fountain's movement and dance are being accompanied by various selections of music, all of which excite viewers.

For example, during the night fountain shows, there will be over a hundred songs, including classic and pop songs among the five genres.

Some of the songs they play along with the dancing and colorful fountain water are for anniversaries, birthdays, wedding proposals, local and foreign popular songs that delight guests and tourists alike.

You can also experience various entertaining cultural events and shows around and nearby the fountain area.

dadaepo-beachDadaepo Beach area near the Dadaepo Fountain of Dreams

Exciting Nearby Attractions

Dadaepo Sunset Fountain is just around an hour or less from Busan City, where you can explore various events, places, or attractions.

But you can also explore some great attractions close to the fountain itself. Some of them include...

and more.

songdo-marine-cable-carSongdo Marine Cable Car is located close to Dadaepo Fountain area

Dadaepo Sunset Fountain Show Schedules

To be exact, the fountain is on 14, Morundae 1-gil, Saha-gu, Busan City. Below this page, you can find the directions on how to get there quickly.

Now, let me tell you the schedules of the fountain shows. Please, bear in mind that the schedule here is not permanent, as it all depends on the weather conditions and any changes that the operators may implement.

Fountain Music
This activity plays for around 20 minutes for your entertainment. Here is the schedule:

May to August: Weekdays 8 PM; Weekends & holidays 8 PM and 9 PM
September to November: Weekdays 7:30 PM; weekends & national holidays @7 PM and 8 PM.

If the weather is not best for the fountain show, the schedule above could change. No fountain show on Mondays.

Getting to Dadaepo Sunset Fountain

Being located close to Busan City itself, you can take various public transports to get there quickly.

You can take a bus, taxi, or a subway to the fountain area. Below, let me describe briefly how to get there via subway (metro).

Take Busan Metro Line 1 that will bring you to Dadaepo Beach Station. (Just ensure that you got your Busan Subway Line Map to navigate the subway system which is quite practical).

Then find your way to come out from Exit 4 of Dadaepo Beach Station and look for the fountain area. Have fun!

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