Gyeongin Ara Waterway

gyeongin-ara-waterwayGyeongin Ara Waterway's human-made waterfalls

Gyeongin Ara Waterway

Gyeongin Ara Waterway (경인 아라뱃길) or Ara Canal in short in Incheon is a perfect place to spend time on relaxing activity. It is a water system, like a river where a small cargo ship or boat can navigate to and fro the Yellow Sea and port areas.

Ara Canal links the Han River to the Yellow Sea. The canal extends from Seo-gu District to Gangseo-gu in Seoul. Completed in 2012, the channel is meant to provide flood control and leisure activities.

What is interesting about Ara Waterway is that both sides (or waterway banks) are made as recreation spaces and lanes for everyone to exercise or simply do nothing.

You can see it during the weekday, but usually, more people enjoy the facilities and sights during weekends. I go there to cycle!

In short, I must say that Gyeongin Ara Waterway (아라뱃길) is fantastic for...
all sorts of recreation...

  • outing and picnicking with friends or family
  • refreshing and relaxing for intimate conversation
  • It is perfect for cycling, hiking, running, jogging, strolling, brisk-walking, lazy-walking, and similar activities.

You are not allowed to bring in anything motorized such as motorbikes or other fuel-propelled vehicles.

Please, let me describe in more details the features, below, the useful and exciting facilities available at Ara Waterway.

gyeongin-ara-waterwayAra Canal Waterfalls in my background

Exciting Facilities

Although you already have some ideas and understanding about the facilities, I am about to describe, please let me specify because there might be some small differences if compared with what you know (in your culture or country) and the reality here.

Main Areas/Divisions
There are main points where you can get the most facilities, such as rental places, cafes, and washrooms. These main areas are accessible nearby subway stations or bus stops.

One is near Gyeyang Station. You can get off at this station and walk for around five minutes to get to this central point of Ara Waterway.

Usually, these main points are located under a bridge with facilities, including an observer area with an elevator. You can cross to the opposite side of the waterway by taking that same elevator.

gyeongin-ara-waterwayKayak station
gyeongin-ara-waterwayFire Signals
gyeongin-ara-waterwayResting Area
gyeongin-ara-waterwayTicket Booth
gyeongin-ara-canalAra Waterfall
gyeongin-ara-waterway-terminalGyeongin Ara Waterway Terminal in Incheon

At the main points, you can access facilities such as the sitting areas (under the bridge), chairs and tables under a canopy, bicycle rental shops, coffee shop, ticket booth (raft), washrooms, convenience stores, green grass lawn areas.

Also, at Gyeyang's main point you can find a performance area installed with granite blocks for sitting and somewhat a stage area.

  • bicycle lane, and hiking lane
  • resting areas: sits, covered areas
  • bicycle rental areas
  • washrooms
  • convenience stores
  • performance area (like amphitheater)

The bicycle lane in Ara Canal is over 40 kilometers. You can rent bicycles from any of the five bicycle rental shops from the following five places...

  • Ara Incheon Passenger Terminal
  • Southern Sicheon Bridge
  • Northern Gyeyang Bridge
  • South Gyegyang Bridge
  • Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal

Personally, I would find it easier to get to the Gyeyang bridge because you can just get off from the train at Gyeyang Station and walk towards the bridge area where you can find the rental shop.

Beautiful Sights

As I already mentioned above, you can find various exciting and scenic views along the canal.

There are eight major sights that you will surely delight with...

  • The Yellow Sea (end part of the canal)
  • Ara Incheong Passenger Terminal
  • Sicheon Riverside
  • Ara Waterfalls
  • Suhyangwon
  • Duri Eco Park
  • Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal
  • Ara Hangang Waterside

And, of course, you will also be delighted by the green trees, wetland grass, lawns, and seasonal flowers.

In the Gyeyang Bridge area, you can also enjoy listening to street musicians playing their saxophones, flutes, and other musical instruments.

Gyeongin Ara Culture Festival
Aside from the musicians (saw it at the weekend), there is a so-called Gyeongin Ara Culture Festival. This 9-day festival started in 2013, offers different programs each year.

Activity Information

The information that follows contains exciting activities available along the canal banks at specific central points. You can register for lessons or rent facilities in particular areas. Here we go...

Aramarina Yacht School
Dinghy Yacht class: 40,000 to 300,000 KRW (varies by level)
Cruiser Yacht class: 250,000 KRW (certificate training course) / 170,000 KRW for long distance sailing
* Inquiries: +82-70-4247-6730 (Gyeonggi-do Yachting Association)

Water Leisure Experience
Canoe, Kayak, Water Bicycle: 7,000 KRW (30 minutes) per person
Bumper boat: 7,000 KRW (20 minutes) / per person
Yacht – 15,000 KRW (50 minutes) / per person
Pontoon boat: 15,000 KRW (30 minutes) / per person
 * Ara Waterway Inquiry: +82-31-999-7895

Gyeongin Ara Waterway Cruise
Incheon pier ↔ Ara Waterway: Adults 16,000 KRW
 * Departure and arrival points are subject to change according to dinner
Yeouido Island ↔ Ara Waterway ↔ Deokjeokdo Island: 57,700 KRW for adults
 * Departure and arrival points are subject to change according to dinner
 * Inquiry to Hyundai Cruise: +82-32-882-5555

Amphibious Bus
Adults 30,000 won / Teenagers 25,000 won / Children 20,000 won
 * People with disabilities & Seniors: 20% discount
 * Early-morning discount: 20% discount
 * Inquiries to Aqua Tour Korea: +82-1670-3355, +82-32-747-3355

Bicycle Rental
4,000 KRW for 1 hour
* Inquiry to Waterway + (plus): +82-31-999-7834

Getting to Gyeongin Ara Canal

You can take any public transportation to get to any entrance areas or main centers along the canal. If you are new to the country, you can quickly get there by taking the train that travels the Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport destinations.

By Train
Either from Seoul or Incheon Airport, you can get off at the two nearest spots: Gyeyang Station or Geomam Station.

From any of the two, you can walk to the Ara Canal area. Ask anybody at the station if you don't have your smartphone's guide map. You won't get lost!

There are buses, of course. But I only know that there are buses that go to Gyeyang Station. I will update the numbers here sooner.

Taxis can bring you right under the bridge where you can find Ara Canal near Gyeyang Station.

Thanks for reading to the end. Have a beautiful day!

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