Majestic Hwanseon Cave

hwanseon-caveA massive tunnel of Hwanseon Cave easily accessible through metal steps.

Hwanseon Cave

Hwanseon Cave (환선굴) is a natural tourist attraction in Samcheok City, Gangwondo (Province), and designated as a natural monument (#178) by the government of South Korea.

It is the largest limestone cave in South Korea and the most visited cave in the country.

Hwanseongul Cave is not only majestic and massive but also contains various shapes of stalactites and stalagmites. Such figures are compared with multiple animate and inanimate objects--human figures, goblin bats, throne tables, and dream palaces.

When you enter Hwanseon Cave, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Deokhang and Sinseon Falls.

Entering Hwanseon Cave

Since 2010, you can access the entrance of Hwanseon Cave more easily by riding the monorail. It has a double track and stretches over 400 meters from the monorail station and near the entrance area.

Hwanseongul Cave is located in 800 Hwanseon-ro, Singi-myeon (189 Daeiri), Samcheok, Gangwondo Province.

Admission Fees
The admission fee, depending on age, does not include the monorail ticket (as of this writing).
Adult: 4,500 KRW; Teens: 2,800 KRW; Senior/Soldier/Child: 2,000 KRW.

Monorail Ticket Fee
Adult: 7,000 (round-trip), 4,000 (one-way) KRW; Child/elementary pupil: 3,000 (round-trip), 2,000 (one-way) KRW.

Viewing Duration
Total of 2 hours: 1-hour round-trip and 1 hour inside the cave exploration.

Should you have any further inquiries, you may direct your questions to Daei Cave Management Office at 033-541-9266. Website link

hwanseongul-entranceA view of the cave's entrance area (

More Interesting Features

Hwanseon Cave was first recorded in 『Chokjuji』 written by Master Heo Mok in 1662.

It is a limestone cave created around 530 million years ago and is the largest limestone cave in Korea.

Inside the cave, you will discover exciting shapes of stones, stalagmites, and stalactites, such as a statue of beauty, a statue of Mary, a goblin bat, and a palace and a throne, which are surprisingly well-developed.

It is interesting to learn that there are over 40 species of the living creature inside the cave. However, including the Hwanseongul Beetle, four of the species among the forty-seven are not found outside the cave.

Nearby Attractions

You can hit a flock of birds with one stone (?) by exploring other nearby sights and attractions, such as...

  • Daegeumgul Cave
  • Gwaneumgul Cave
  • Deokhangsangul Cave
  • Cheoneunsa Temple
  • Gangwon General Museum
  • Jungyeongmyo Shrine
  • Yeonggyeongmyo Shrine

Now, if you got interested or excited to explore the cave, check out my guide in the following sub-section.

Getting to Hwanseon Cave

Some buses frequent near the area. The village is called Singi-myeon, belonging to Daeiri National Park.

Buses: 61, 61-1, 70, 80, 80-1
You can take any of the buses above from anywhere in Samcheok City. Please, use your transport app or search google to find their stops downtown.

If you are not driving a private vehicle, you can also comfortably hire a taxi from downtown Samcheok. Literally, you can hire a taxi from anywhere in the country to the Hwanseon Cave area.

Car Rentals
Please, refer to any car rental services you can find in Korea. You can also rent one at Samcheok City or any part of Gangwondo Province.

Thanks for reading this far. Should you have any urgent questions, please let me know. Keep safe and enjoy your travels!

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