Oryukdo Skywalk in Busan

oryukdo-skywalkSpectacular views of Oryukdo and skywalk site

oryukdo skywalk spectacles

Oryukdo Skywalk is a very scenic and fascinating place in Busan. It is located in a very strategic position where you have a broader view of Busan’s blue and surrounding islets.

Literally, the name Oryukdo can be described in English as the ‘five’ (for ‘o’), ‘six’ (for ‘ryuk’) and ‘island/islets’ (for ‘do’). What it actually means is that there are five to six islands/islets depending on the tides and point of view of the visitor.

These group of islands/islets are composed of solid rocks. But, however solid the rocks are there are always cracks and crevices where green plants and trees make their home. That’s why these islands may look colorful depending on the season.

Oryukdo is one of the only two sites in Busan that is classified as a National Cultural Heritage Scenic Site.

The more prominent Taejongdae ranks 17th, while Oryukdo with its spectacular surroundings ranks 24th, among the other hundreds of islands in South Korea.


Yes, that’s my background and introduction to the main article here. Now, let me properly describe in my limited words what I have experienced and have recorded during my exciting visit to this skywalk.

oryukdo-skywalkGlass floor and walls of Oryukdo Skywalk

origins of oryukdo skywalk

The site where Oryukdo Skywalk is standing is called Seungdumal (승두말) since time immemorial. That’s because the site looks or is like a horse’s saddle when viewed from above.

On the other hand, interestingly, the residents and female divers called it with another name: Jallokkae (잘록개). The word means ‘groaning.’ The groaning sound occurs when there is a strong wind blowing in which is a common weather condition in the area.

Oryukdo Skywalk is constructed right on Seungdumal site and was completed on 12 September 2012. The site is known as the dividing point between the East Sea and the South Sea.

The local officials started operating the newly-finished glass skywalk on the 18th of October 2013. By that time, they call their theme: Walking over the sky. What an exciting idea with realistic experience!

oryukdo-skywalkOryukdo Islands
oryukdo-skywalkTrail leading to Igidae Cliff, Songdo Beach, Haeundae Beach...

skywalk's vital statistics

Oryukdo Skywalk’s platform extends from the cliff of about 35 meters high above sea level.

The whole platform is 15 meters long and comprised of 24 tempered glass plates shaped like a horse’s hoof. These glasses are supported by steel columns and side railings.

They said that the bottom glass pieces were coated with bulletproof film with a thickness of over 55 millimeters. (Hope that makes you feel safer now, huh!)

Acrophobic (fear of heights) people should know that you cannot be there. Of course, the entrance guard would not let you in if he notices that you are not able.

It is a very daring experience for ordinary people who are not used to doing acrobatics and anything up in the air.

You will be intimidated by the transparent glasses which skimpily cover the views of the surroundings, especially the sight of the sea under your feet.

Yes, it could be stimulating and thrilling for most visitors to see the changing color of the waves down below.

Of course, you are allowed to take selfies or group photo ops. Make sure that you have the Oryukdo behind you serving as your background.

On a clear day, you will see more islands. Some witnesses say that your eyes can even spot Japan’s Tsushima Island, among other islands and islets with clear blue skies.

oryukdo-skywalkSkywalk's right side view
oryukdo-skywalkSteps leading to the fishing area just on the righthand side of the Skywalk

personal impressions

I admit that I personal like or love the sight of Oryukdo Skywalk, the Oryukdo, and the surrounding vistas.

I regret that I didn’t have much luxury of time to spend to fully explore and enjoy the nature and sights in the area.

The glass Skywalk was intimidating to me. Of course, that’s why it was built--exciting! There is always a risk, and you only need to trust the creators and those who have experienced it ahead of you. (I hope that comforts you!).

I know that the Skywalk is not as huge if compared to other structures in other countries. However, it is good enough to make one (beginners) feel afraid or challenged to face her/his fear of heights (acrophobia).

Aside from the views from the vantage point of Oryukdo Skywalk, I really enjoyed the incredible vistas from the steps leading towards the rocky fishing area located down to the right of the Skywalk.

The rock formations were fascinating. The waves were inviting. However, I didn’t dare to get close to the waves because the wind was strong then.
I have a big wish…

I thought it would be fantastic if they established a cable car system that would bring visitors to every five islands or islets. That would be very exciting for me!

Probably, my wish will come true! ^^

Of course, care should be taken so as not to destroy the beauty of nature.

nearby facilities

You cannot find stores, coffee shops, and convenient stores (yet). I have a strong feeling that such establishments with be appearing sooner or later.

You will notice the apartments and hotels close by. That means that they are expecting more people and visitors coming and going in the area. So, I’ll be expecting them for my next coming!

However, at present, you can avail of the necessary facilities you need. Here are the basic ones…

  • Washrooms for both male and female (etc.)
  • Vending Machine for cold and hot drinks
  • Sitting Area
  • Garden Area
  • Seafood makeshift stalls (down at the rocky shore and parking area)
  • Parking Area: available only for small and medium-size vehicles/cars
  • Oryukdo Island Promotion Hall: Location: 1F, Haeparang-gil Tourism Information Center: Facilities: Information on history, ecology, and organisms of Oryukdo Island

Telephone: +82-51-607-6395

visitors should know

Oryukdo Skywalk is open all year round except when there is rain (glass floor is slippery when wet) or strong wind. Also, it is closed during repair and upgrade periods.

Operation Time
Admission starts from 9 AM up to 5:50 PM as it will be closed at 6 PM.

Admission Fee: FREE
Pets: only admitted inside if you can carry it.

Filming Site: The move ‘Haeundae’ was partly shot in this area.

more attractions

If you found this article first on Busan, you are probably researching other attractions and travel destinations in and around this city.

The following could be your other choices. I have been to most of them, and I can say that I am happy with my experiences. If you want to, just check out the linked articles below…

Certainly, there are more attractions and travel destinations available. You only need time to visit and explore them.

hiking trails

Hiking Courses From Oryukdo
Busan is very famous for its hiking courses with mostly seaviews. From Oryukdo area, one can hike along the seashore trails.

Here are the two trails that start from Oryukdo Sunrise Park.

Course Number 1:
Oryukdo Sunrise Park to Mipo Port (17.7 km = 5 hrs. 50 mins.)
From Oryukdo Sunrise Park to Mipo Port, which is near Haeundae Beach area, it will take about less than 6 hours to complete by hiking.

Here are the main points and directions...

Oryukdo Sunrise Park->4.8km->Dongsaengmal Cliff->4.0km->Gwanganli Beach->6.7km->APEC House->2.2km->Mipo Point

The Haeparang Trail, which starts in Oryukdo Sunrise Park, passes through Igidae Seaside trail to Gwanganli Beach and Haeundae Beach, ending in Mipo Port, has the best landscape among Busan walking trails.

Course Number 2:
Mipo Point to Daebyeon Harbor (16.5kms = 5 hrs. 30 mins.)
Mipo Point->1.5km->Dalmaji Park Eoul Madang->3.8km->Gudeokpo Port->1.5km->Songjeong Beach->9.7km->Daebyeon Harbor

This course passes through what is called the Haeundae Sampo (3 ‘po’s), Mipo, Cheongsapo, and Gudeokpo, until reaching the Daebyeon Port. Among the 3 ‘po’s, the distance between Mipo and Cheongsapo stands out and is called Moontan Road. If you go straight from the locked road towards Dalmaji Park Eoulmadang. It goes on to the trail that leads to Cheongsapo. You can see Gudeokpo once you pass the underpass below the main tracks. You can follow the seaside road from there to Songjeong Beach.

oryukdo-skywalkOryukdo Skywalk's Sunrise Park
oryukdo-skywalkSkywalk's trail leading to Igidae Cliff

getting to oryukdo skywalk

If you are coming from outside Busan City, you can take any public or private transport that maybe be available in your area or nearby your hotel.

Buses, trains, speed trains, rented car, and even taxis can be you to Busan City. Depending on your point of origin, you can take an express bus from:

Dong Seoul Bus Terminal ↔ Busan, Seoul Express Bus Terminal ↔ Busan, Cheongju Express Bus Terminal ↔ Busan, Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal ↔ Busan

Please, check out more details on buses through this website: www.kobus.co.kr

You can go to Busan City via trains available near your area. Alternatively, maybe you need to travel to the nearest station if you really want to take the train (speed train).

The faster train from Seoul could reach Busan in around 3 hours or less (while the bus could take 5 hours).

Seoul Station (KTX, ITX, Rose of Sharon) ↔ Busan, Miryang Station (KTX, ITX, Rose of Sharon) ↔ Busan, Suncheon Station (Rose of Sharon) ↔ Haeundae

You can check out the schedules or book from the website: www.letskorail.com
* Inquiries: +82-1544-7788, +82-1588-7788

When you are in Busan, among many ways, proceed and get off at Busan Station (Subway Line 1), then go to Exit 10, and then…

  • Take Bus No.27 (It is about 25 stops, which is about 50 minutes or so to the destinations)
  • Get off at Oryukdo Skywalk View Homun (back gate) Bus Stop
  • Walk forward for around 275 meters (you will already see in the distance the Skywalk)

Yeheyy… you made it (You can make it!)

By the way, taking a taxi (cab) could be a time-saver and efficient. I confessed that I took a taxi to get here because I didn’t have much time and my bus schedule is near.

It was a right decision, and I didn’t regret not missing Oryukdo Skywalk during my Busan travel.

Of course, one of the essential ingredients of a satisfying and memorable journey is the place you are staying. It should be favorable and have easy access to transports and the resources you need for your explorations.

My most favored accommodation place was the Haeundae Beach area where I stayed in my hotel for three days only!

Just in case you want to see some of (Agoda.com) Haeundae Beach hotels feel free to see the photos, normal and discount rates from that established online company.


Oryukdo Skywalk and its surrounding areas  provide a stunning view of the ocean. The Oryukdo Skywalk is located on the coast of Busan and provides visitors with an unobstructed view of five islands.

It has become one of Busan's top attractions, offering spectacular views and providing a great spot for photos. Guests can take their time to admire the beautiful scenery, or join a tour to explore the area more closely.

Visitors can also enjoy nearby restaurants and cafes, as well as souvenir shops for picking up memories of your trip. The Oryukdo Skywalk is definitely worth visiting for anyone travelling in Busan!

Thanks for reading through this article. I hope this is useful. If not so, please don’t hesitate to offer your positive thoughts.

Have a pleasant and safe journey.

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