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samcheok-rail-bikeSamcheok Rail Bike and beautiful seaview of the East Coast, Gangwon Province

Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike Riding

Samcheok Rail Bike (삼척레일바이크) is one of the relaxing activities you can avail when visiting Samcheok's east coast. You don't only enjoy biking but also the beauty of the sea.

This ocean rail bike is the only one in Korea where you will pass through a tunnel will luminary and laser show giving you a feeling as if you are exploring the undersea world momentarily.

Samcheok Rail Bike (삼척레일바이크) is usually recommended for a traveling group, including a family, friends, or couples, a worth holiday spending.

This travel and relaxing facility caught the attention of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of South Korea and was awarded the honor as the "Star of Korea Tourism" in 2014.

It is not free but worth every penny and time you spend with your loved ones amidst the pine trees by the seashores. (For two guests, you pay 20,000 KRW and 30,000 KRW for four guests.)

It will take 1 hour and 20 minutes for the whole activity, including the bus ride. The railbike is about 5.4 kilometers long using the unused railway.

samcheok-ocean-rail-bikeSamcheok Ocean Rail Bike (credit:

Access Details

Please, find below relevant information for this memorable bike ride by the sea of Samcheok.

You can start riding the railbike at the following schedule...

  • 9:00 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 2:00 PM
  • 4:00 PM

The ride would take an hour, excluding the shuttle bus ride, which will take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Here is the station where you start and finish...

Gungchon Station → Yonghwa Station / Yonghwa Station→ Gungchon Station

The rates vary according to the number of riders...

  • 2 guests: 20,000 KRW; Group: 18,000 KRW
  • 4 guests: 30,000 KRW; Group: 27,000 KRW
samcheok-rail-bikeSamcheok Ocean Rail Bike's view amid towering pine trees

If you want to enjoy a night/evening railbike ride, you need to pay an additional 10% to the original rate mentioned above.

Please note the following helpful information so that you can plan which time of the year and day you prefer to enjoy the facility...

The Low Season is from November to March. During this period, only five trips are available or offered, starting from Gungcheon Station and Yonghwa Station.

For the High Season, it would be from April to October (including weekends and holidays). There be six trips available, each starting from Gungcheon Station and also Yonghwa Station.

Please note that each Wednesday of every fourth week of the month, the service is not available.

Okay, as you finish enjoying the ride, you might also wish to explore more attractions and places nearby. It would be a great idea to take this opportunity while in the area. Check out below some attractions.

Nearby Attractions

Plan ahead for your visit to the area while preparing to take the ocean rail bike ride. Feel free to click the links to other pages if available...

Yonghwa Beach
Yonghwa Beach is a famous beach area in Samcheok. It extends only about a kilometer. It is only twenty-four kilometers from Samcheok City's downtown area and very close to Samcheok Ocean Railbike.

Janghohang Port
Jonghohang Port is located or sitting beside the famous Jangho Beach in Samcheok. It is a port in a fishing village. People who are enjoying the beach also come here to snorkel. Jangho Beach is dubbed as the Naples of Korea.

Samcheok Haesindang Park
Haesinding Park is known for its largest aquarium museum. In addition, the park exhibits various folk art materials showing the villagers' fishing lifestyle. The phallic sculptures in the park are inspired by an exciting legend of a couple who was once believed to have lived in the area long ago.

And more sites and travel attractions are below...
Hwang Yeong-jo Memorial Park, Jangho Fishing Village, Royal Tomb of King Gongyang, Nangmangado ('Romantic Road,' Daejin Port-Gungchon)

Getting to Samcheok Rail Bike

Take a bus or train to Samcheok City to reach Samcheok Rail Bike. There are choices of public transport that can bring you there. Below is just an example if you're from the Seoul area.

Bus from Seoul
Head to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and purchase your ticket for Samcheok Bus Terminal. The adult fare is 18,000 KRW. The approximate travel time is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Then, from Samcheok Bus Terminal, go to Gungchon Station. Do this by crossing the street from Samcheok Bus Terminal to Terminal Bus Stop. Then, take Bus #24 and get off at Gungchon Bus Stop, where you can easily find the railbike service facility.

Alternatively, you can head to Yonghwa Station from Samcheok Bus Terminal. Similarly, cross the street from Samcheok Terminal to Terminal Bus Stop. Then take Bus #24 and get off at Yonghwa Bus Stop.

Train from Seoul
If you want to get to Samcheok a bit faster, you can take the train from Seoul Station (or Chongryangni Station). It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Donghae Station.

From Donghae Station, you need to take either a bus (#21) or a taxi to reach Samcheok, which is about 15 minutes from the station.

Location: Gungchon Station- 2, Gongyangwang-gil, Geundeok-myeon, Yonghwa Station: 23, Yonghwahaebyeon-gil, Geundeok-myeon

Should you need further information, you may use the below detail and links.

Samcheok Rail Bike (삼척레일바이크)
Inquiries: Marine Tourism Center 033-576-0656 ~8

Thanks for reading about this exciting attraction. If you have further questions or clarifications, please let me know.

Have a fantastic and memorable ride by the seaside of Samcheok.

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