Uchi Park Botanical garden

uchi-park-gwangju-family-landGwangju Family Land and Uchi Park

Uchi Park Gwangju Family Land

Uchi Park is the most expansive recreational park in Jeollanamdo or South Jeolla Province in South Korea. You can find a beautiful botanical garden and a zoo amidst various entertainment and sports facilities.

The zoo, called the Specimen Exhibition Hall, is considered the second largest in the country, serving as an excellent place for children to learn about animals and nature.

In Uchi Park, however, you don't only find various plant species and animals but also exciting activities and sports.

Uchi Park includes Gwangju Family Land, an expansive entertainment and activities complex. It offers various rides, sports facilities, and venues for live entertainments and performances.

Now, let me switch to Gwangju Family Land to include all possibilities of enjoyment you can find after or before you explore Uchi Park's botanical garden...

Gwangju Family Land is indeed a private amusement park with myriads of exciting recreational facilities for all ages, including swimming pools, an ice rink, slides, and thrilling rides.

FACT: Gwangju Family Land's theme park can accommodate up to 30,000 visitors at a time. Its swimming pool can accommodate 3,000 people, and the parking has 1,500 parking spaces.

The 290 acres of land where the facility is sitting is the largest urban recreational park you can find in Jeolla Provinces (north and south Jeolla).

Besides the recreational facilities, Gwangju Family also offers entertainment courses for its prospective clients, including couples, families, and children.

Entrance Fees

Your admission ticket rate depends on your age, the number of people in a group, and discounted tickets. For the regular rates, let's check them out as follow...

Individual Guest:
Adult: 6,000 Won, Teen: 5,000 Won; Child: 4,000 Won

Group Guests (20 or more people):
Adults: 4,800 Won, Teens: 4,000 Won, Children: 3,200 Won

Children mean ages from 4 to 13 years of age. In Korea, a child is one year older compared to Western age calculation. In Korea, a newly-born baby is considered a one-year-old child.

Preschoolers are from ages three and below. Preschoolers can enter free of charge.

One-Day Pass Tickets
Individual Pass
Adult: 32,000 Won, Teen: 28,000 Won, Child: 22,000 Won

Group Pass
Adults: 26,000 Won, Teens: 22,000 Won, Child: 18,000 Won

This One-Day Pass ticket gives you the following recreational facilities:

  1. Round-trip Family Train
  2. Rides
  3. Marine Exhibitions
  4. Aquarium

Please, check out the official website for more details.

Gwangju Family Land Facilities

Let me outline the available facilities containing this expansive and exciting amusement park and botanical garden.

  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Game Facilities,
  • Restaurants, cafes
  • Souvenir Shops,
  • Rides,
  • Swimming pools
  • Skating Rink, Sled Zone,
  • Service Facilities, e.g., wheelchairs, strollers, etc.

Parking Lot
The parking lot has 1,500 spaces for cars. If you park for less than 5 hours, you only pay 1,000 Won (small car) and 2,000 Won (large one).

If you park for around 9 hours, you pay 2,500 Won and 4,800 Won for small and large cars, respectively.

Pets are allowed in provided they are either in a pet bag or on a leash. Please, see more here.

Getting to Uchi Park & Gwangju Land

You can take any public transportation from any point of departure in South Korea--a train, bus, taxi, rent-a-car.

Bus from Seoul
Get to Seoul Central City Bus Terminal and take an intercity bus to Gwangju Bus Terminal.

From Gwangju Terminal, head to the waiting area and check out the screen for buses that go towards the Park. Look for Bus Pungam 26 and simply get off at Uchi Park Bus Stop.

It will also be easier if you ask the Tourism Information Desk for your destination. They will tell you your bus and direction with an accompanying guide map. Look for this information desk inside Gwangju Bus Terminal.

Have a wonderful trip, and thanks for reading!

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