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yeosu-jasan-parkView of Odongdo and the amazing panorama of Yeosu's sea

Yeosu Jasan Park

Yeosu Jasan Park Hill nestles on top of the Southern region of Jeolla Province. The park overlooks the beautiful Namhae sea (or South Sea).

Jasan Park is located in Yeosu City, a beautiful and coveted city due to its beautiful islands and scenic Hallyeohaesang National Park (partly).

I went up to his park on foot from my hotel nearby and across the bridge. I walked crossing the bridge while exploring and enjoying the sights of the sea, islands, boats, and panorama on both sides of the bridge.

Quickly, here's how you can get there...

Travel from: Seoul (3-5 hours by bus or train), Gwangju City (1 hr and a half by bus)
How Much: 12-15 USD from Gwangju City; 30-40 USD from Seoul
Local Transport: Bus or Taxi (please see below the transport details)
Park Entrance: No entrance fee

Okay, with that short information, you might want to learn a bit more about this park. Let's continue...

The advantage of visiting this hill park is that you can have a general view of Yeosu and its surrounding areas, including the blue sea and islands of Hallyeohaesang National Park.

But of course, I should describe some of the things that could be interesting for you...

Admiral Yi Sun-sin Garden
Butterfly and Insects Museum
Observation Deck
Cable Cars
View Points (observation spots)
Parking Area
Hiking Paths
Ilchuljeong Sunrise Arbor

The Admiral Yi Sun-sin Garden is the most relevant and obviously imposing sight when you're on top of this hill that overlooks the south sea.

Obviously, the garden has the statue of the hero, which is facing the well-trimmed bushes, flowering plants, and trees.

The statue is 15 meters high that was built in 1967 commemorating his birth along with Jinnamje Festival, Jasangak, and Chunghontap (a memorial tower).

I noticed that on the sides facing the sea, there are two main points, as recommended through signboards, where you can have great views of the sea and islands (including the famous Ondongdo Island).

Butterfly & Insect Museum

I did not expect to find a museum on top of this hill park. After my quick exploration of the garden, I thought of checking out if the museum was worth my time.

Yes, I decided to get in and totally enjoyed it! The museum did not only display preserved various and gorgeous butterfly collections but also other insects not only from Yeosu and South Korea.

Other butterflies and insect collections were from other Asian countries (such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam), African countries (Kenya, South Africa, etc.), and Island nations, including Madagascar.

If you can spare a few minutes, drop by at this small museum and see the beautiful collections. Then come out and proceed to the Observation Deck, which is accessible on that same building.

Observation Deck
The Observation Deck has an elevator to help you quickly go to the top. You will better views of the sea and islands. A more full picture and the panorama of Hallyeohaesang National Park is gorgeous and utterly fabulous.

I took lots of pictures from this vantage point. If you come, ensure that you have your phone or cameras fully charged in advance.

Some Useful Details

Yeosu Jasan Park Hill is accessible to the public all-year-round. Yes, there's no entrance fee required.

A parking area is available but limited to a few numbers of small vehicles. I think it would be healthier if you could hike from the foot of the hill to the garden area. No, it's not very but an easy hike.

Walking paths surrounding the hills
Benches, garden, grass field
Exercise tools

Phone: +82-61-659-4631

Getting to Yeosu Jasan Park Hill

To reach Jeolla Province, you can take various public transports, including buses, trains, airplanes, and even taxi-for-hires.

By Bus
If you are departing from Seoul, head to Central City Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Buy a ticket online through a ticketing machine or directly from the counter for Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal.

If you are in Gwangju City, it only takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal. In Gwangju, to go U-Square where the Gwangju Bus Terminal is located. The facilities there are excellent!

When you arrived at Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal, you can either take a taxi (around 10 minutes only) or take a local bus (number 333) then get off at Odongdo Entrance Bus Stop.

Jasan Park is just 300 meters on your right from the bus stop.

yeosu-expo-train-stationYeosu EXPO (2012) Station

By Train
Get off at Yeosu Expo Station.
Actually, you can already see from a distance Jasan Hill. And you can walk from this station to the park if you want to. Probably, it will take around 20 minutes to reach the park.

Alternately, you can take Bus 333 to get close to the park. As you exit the train station, walk right at the four-way intersection then take a left turn when you reach the four-way crossing.

Then get off at Odongdo Chagoji Bus Stop, which is only 4 stops away. From the bus stop, Yeosu Jasan Park Hill is only 290 meters away.

Recommended Places to Stay

Near Yeosu Jasan Park Hill, you can find various choices of places to stay, such as hotels, motels, etc.

Thanks for reading through this article. I hope this is useful and inviting!

Have fun, and have safe travels!

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