Yeosu Travel Attractions

yeosu-travel-attractionsCable Car system in Yeosu City connecting islands

Yeoso Travel Attractions

Yeosu Travel Attractions are gaining more popularity from both domestic and international travelers due to its historical sights and natural environment.

Yeosu is known for its relatively long spring and autumn seasons compared to other regions in the country. It has more refreshing winds in the summer and warmer breeze in the winter.

Yeosu is a famous city tucked on the southern coast of South Korea, South Jeolla Province.

yeosu-city-travelView of Yeosu's Hallyeohaesang National Park

This modern city is consists of the old Yeosu City (founded in 1949), Yeochon City (founded in 1986), and Yeocheon County (merged with Yeosu City in 1998).

As a city with such location and environmental advantages, offers travelers perfect places to explore, sights to see, exciting activities to enjoy, and facilities to use.

Below, you will discover some of the representative places, structures, cultural features, activities, and other possible things to do while in Yeosu City.

Top Yeosu Travel Attractions

The places and travel destinations you will find in Yeosu include religious sites (such as Buddhist temples), old fishing villages, museums, and interesting sea-related themes

yeosu-bambadaOne part of Yeosu's famous evening or night light views from my hotel's window and veranda.

More Reasons to Visit Yeosu

Let me spell out some reasons why Yeosu travel attractions are gaining more popularity recently.

One particular reason is that the place just started to be discovered as having great resources, enduring historical records, and potentials.

These features will help Yeosu become more develop not only in terms of economy but also in providing more travel resources.

More specifically, here are the most significant reasons...

First, Yeosu has 317 islands--most of which are inhabited. It means you know that islands offer the best blue sea panoramas, beaches, and other exciting activities to visitors.

Second, Yeosu is located along the southern coast and is being flanked by other counties also great for travel activities.

Third, in general, Yeosu has a fantastic sea breeze and warmer temperature during the winter season. And it has cool summers compared with other regions.

Also, Yeosu's ocean temperature provides locals a more excellent and longer spring and autumn seasons than other regions.

yi-sun-sin-statue-yeosuStatue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sun in Yeosu City, Jeollanamdo Province

Fourth, historically speaking, Yeosu has played a very relevant place in protecting the country from Japan's invasion. It is where the famous 'Geobukseon' (or the Turtle Battle Ship) was built and deployed under the command of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin.

The headquarters of South Jeolla Province Navy Base was formerly located in Yeosu City basically due to that historical contribution.

Fifth, Yeosu is being improved to become an international ocean resort and tourist city. Due to its efforts to be internationally recognized as a travel destination, Yeosu City was selected to host the 2012 World Expo city.

The first expo in South Korea was held in Daejeon in 1993.

Last, at least on my least, Yeosu is attracting more visitors when it is popularized by the song titled "Yeosu Bam Bada."

Literally, the song could be translated to mean 'Yeosu Night Sea' or Yeosu's beautiful views at night or evening time.

Now, before you stop reading this Yeosu tourist attractions article, let me provide a bit of Yeosu's historical background.

Brief Historical Background

  • Wonchon-hyeon or Dolsan-hyeon: old name of Yeosu in the 538 AD during the Baekje Kingdom and the 16th year of King Seong.

  • Haeub-hyeon or Yeosan-hyeon: new name is given in 757

  • Yeosu-hyeon: the latest name is given in 940 and the one being kept until the present.

  • Joseon Dynasty Naval Headquarters: Yeosu was the location and where the Turtle Ship was built to be used in Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's naval fleet during the Imjin War.

  • Yeosu-myeon: new name of Yeosu given in 1897.

  • Yeosu started to expand when it was merged with Dolsan-geun. Yeosu then became a city in 1949. It was in 1998 that other areas (Yeochon City and Yeochon-geun) were merged that has speedup Yeosu's progress as we can see today.
yeosu-turtle-shipThe "Geobukson" replica is the turtle battleship used by Admiral Yi Sun-sin during its fight against the Japanese invaders.

getting to yeosu city

All roads lead to Yeoso City!

Yes, that's true. You can take any public transport you prefer to safely and comfortably get there quickly. If you are traveling from Seoul area, be prepared to allow around 5 hours to reach the city.

You can take a bullet train (or the slower one), express bus, ordinary bus, rented car, or even a taxi-for-hire. In Seoul, for example, head to Seoul Express Bus Terminal and find your bus travel details.

KTX Train. This takes only 3 hours to reach Yeosu City. Take this fast train at Yongsan Station in Seoul and it will go straight to Yeochon Station in Yeosu (for a fee of around 40 Pounds).

yeosu-train-stationYeosu Expo (train) Station is located close to the Expo 2014 site where various travel attractions can be explored.

Indeed, there are more sights, places, activities, and offers that Yeosu can provide you during your visit there.

I hope this article has been useful to your search. Please, share this if you find this relevant.

Thanks and enjoy your travels.

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