Yonghwa Beach

Yonghwa Beach

Yonghwa Beach is a beautiful beach with whitish sandy areas. It has a kilometer-long and vast sandy space for beachgoers and holidaymakers.

Yonghwa has a mountainous background and faces the fantastic vast blue sea on the east coast of South Korea. The water is terrific for beachgoers, and the atmosphere is serene except for the sound of the seagulls.

Yonghwa Beach is only 24 kilometers from downtown Samcheok City and is accessible by public vehicles. In addition, day and long-stay facilities are available along the beach and nearby areas.

yonghwa-beach-samcheokIt is a panoramic sight of Yonghwa's beach area and nearby Jangho Beach area adjacent to it (as seen from the roadside).

Nearby this popular beach, you can visit famous sightseeing and interesting areas and enjoy exciting activities, including railbike riding and fishing.

Families with small children will feel safer in the beach areas as the water is shallow and has beach watchers.

yonghwa-beach-samcheok-cityBaywatch guardhouse at Yonghwa Beach, Samcheok City, Gangwondo Province.

Useful Information

Yonghwa Beach is usually open most of the time during the non-season period. However, the management allows visitors to use the beach area from 9 AM to 6 PM during the summer season.

A parking area is available but congested during holidays.

Admission is FREE for all visitors.

yonghwa-beachFine day at Yonghwa Beach

Available Facilities

If you come far from the area, you don't need to bring heavy beach facilities. Instead, you can rent anything you need for the day (or days).

Public and business facilities are readily available, such as shower booths, restrooms, drinking fountains, restaurants, small shops, and stores.

yonghwa-beachVast sandy beach with serene atmosphere
samcheok-railbike-yonghwa-stationSamcheok Railbike Yonghwa Beach Station. You can purchase a ticket and ride the railbike at this station.


There are various offers for accommodation such as camping tents, hotels, minbak, villas, and rooms for rent, among others.

More Exciting Places

Nearby Yonghwa Beach, you can also make side trips to exciting travel facilities and sites in the area. Some of them are the following...

Janghohang Port (장호항)
Janghohang Port sits just beside Yonghwa beach, a walking distance fishing village. It is a port where fishers keep their boats and do business with their catch.

Jangho Port and Jangho Beach is great for strolling with the beautiful sights from its vantage point. Many visitors also come here to enjoy snorkeling, boat riding, and fishing.

Jangho Port is where you can find the famous Jangho Beach with its surrounding that somewhat looks like Naples in Italy. That's why some people call this area the "Naples of Korea".

Samcheok Fishing Village Folk Museum (삼척 어촌민속전시관)
This museum contains exhibition and memorial halls with items on fishing and historical and cultural records about this special place.

Besides the museum, it is located within the open museum called the Haesindang Park, which exhibits sculptures of phallic symbols dedicated to the legend about the village's fisher folks.

haesindang-sculpturesSamcheok Folk Village Museum is inside Haesindang Sculpture Park.

Samcheok Ocean Railbike (삼척 해양레일바이크)
This ocean railbike is an exciting day activity you can do while staying in the area. Younghwa Beach has a railbike station where you can start the thrilling ride.

Samcheok Railbike uses the old train railway built along the coastlines on the east coast. You will definitely enjoy not only the ride but also the amazing views of the sea, the mountainsides, and the trees.

samcheok-railbikeRiders enjoying their railbike experience along the east coast.

Geombongsan Recreational Forest (검봉산자연휴양림)
Geombongsan is a recreational forest park exhibiting various flora varieties. It is popular among mountain bike enthusiasts and hikers.

The mountain is only about 680 meters high, but it offers marvelous views aside from the beautiful natural environment.

Find more information about beaches on the east coast here.

Getting to Yonghwa Beach

It is easy to get to the Yonghwa Beach area via all possible transport available. Here's how...

By Bus
From Samcheok Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus #24 to Yonghwa Bus Stop. It would take around 30 minutes to get there. The bus stop is pretty close to the beach area.

If coming from Seoul, you may take an express bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Samcheok Intercity Bus Terminal. It would take between 3 and 4 hours to get there.

Suppose you take the train, head to Seoul Station (or purchase a ticket online), and take the speed train to Donghae (train) Station. Then take either a bus or a taxi to the beach area.

By Taxi
You can take a taxi from Samcheok City should you want to get there quickly. It only takes about 20 minutes.

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