Pristine Samcheok Beaches

samcheok-beachesAn amazing sight of Galnam-ri Beach, one of the lovely Samcheok beaches in Samcheok City, Gangwondo Province.

Samcheok Beaches

Samcheok Beaches are some of the best beaches you can find in Gangwon Province. The east coast of Gangwondo is considered the romantic side of the country due to its beautiful natural views.

For example, the Isabu road is a 4.6-kilometer coastal road from Samcheok Port to Samcheok Beach. It is chosen as the best road among the 100 most beautiful roads in Korea.

Also, the Saecheonnyeon Coastal Park has the Tower of Wishes where you can make New Year's wishes and a sculpture park worth your visit.

Alright, let's start introducing the beaches of Samcheok...

Bunam Beach (부남해변)
Bunam Beach is where the famous Gaetbawi Rocks visible around the area. It is best for a family vacation as it is also the most beautiful beach among the beaches in Geundeok-myeon.

Photographers frequent the area to take photos of the beach and the rocks. However, it is only open during the day as the village managing the coast. You can reach the place in 17 minutes from downtown Samcheok by car.

Chogok Beach (초곡해변)
Chogok Beach is located 18 kilometers from Samcheok City. Chogok Port has a harbor atmosphere and is a quiet fishing village and the birthplace of Hwang Yeong-jo, the Barcelona Olympic marathon hero.

It is a convenient place to stay as the village faces the beach. This place is open to the public and is next to Munam Beach.

Chuam Beach (추암해변)
Chuam Beach is a beautiful beach with coastal cliffs lined with unique rocks and fine white sand. The beach is small, but you will appreciate its superb view.

Chuam Beach is famous for its sunrise. But, above all, the Chuam Chotdaebawi Rock is one of the attractions that tourists visit all year round. The rock stretches straight toward the sky like a candle.

Deoksan Beach (덕산해변)
Deoksan Beach borders Mt. Deokbong between Maengbang Beach and Mt. Deokbong, creating beautiful scenery. It is only 9 kilometers from downtown Samcheok.

Deoksan Beach has an average depth of 1~2 meters. Its white sandy beach is only 580 meters long and 50 meters wide.  In addition, you will find Deoksan Port where you can taste fresh live fish and a sports center where you can enjoy windsurfing.

Gamchu Beach (감추해변)
'Gamchu Beach' is located close to Cheongok-dong, the heart of Donghae City offers very convenient transportation. The beach has a narrow and long white sandy beach of about 300 meters.

Lush pine trees surround the beach along with Gatbawi Rock. Around the rocky area, you can enjoy fishing and taste some fresh catch.

Gopo Beach (고포해변)
This village is famous for its high-quality seaweed, which is the size of your palm. Gopo village, although small, has a lovely beach and a port.  

Near the beach area, you can find 'haenyo' (women divers) diving for seaweeds, gathering seashells, or catching sea octopus, among others.

Gungcheon Beach (궁촌해변)
Gungcheon Beach is particularly the point where seawater and freshwater intersect. It is a white sandy beach lined with a pine tree forest that stretches infinitely for about 15 kilometers.

That long stretch of white sand is called the Gungchon Beach. At the beach, you will discover beautiful natural scenery greeting you as you pass through Gungchon Bridge.

Gungchon Beach is only 20 minutes by car from Samcheok's downtown area.

Hamaengbang Beach (하맹방해변)
Hamaengbang Beach is located about 6 kilometers from downtown Samcheok. It has an average depth of 1~2 meters and boasts a clean white sandy beach and dense pine forest.

The long white sandy beach and clear water stretch are perfect for enjoying pastimes such as catching shells, fishing, and other activities.

Hanjaemit Beach (한재밑해변)
This beach is located 4 kilometers away from downtown Samcheok. Compared to other beaches, it is a place where you can fish explore other beaches nearby.

You can get there in 10 minutes only by car. You can hike and enjoy the sceneries as well.

Hosan Beach (호산해수욕장)
Hosan Beach is in Hosan-ri, Wondeok-eup, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do. It is the southernmost beach in Gangwon-do with a length of 0.5km and about 24 thousand square meters.

The name 'Hosan' is derived from the last letters of the villages of Bho (芙 Lake) and Jaesan (才山). The white sand is a bit coarse, and the sea is relatively deep. There are rocks carved by the waves on the beach, and a pine forest surrounds the white sandy beach.

Hujin Beach (작은후진해변)
Small Hujin Beach, located 1.5km north of Samcheok City Hall, is adjacent to Samcheok Beach and is located in a small fishing village with low hills behind.
The white sand beach is 150 meters long, and the water is about 1~1.5 meters deep. There is a small port next to it worth exploring. Guesthouses and eateries are available around.

It is a beach along the New Millennium Coastal Road and boasts a beautiful and clean beach, where you can enjoy fishing.

Imwon Beach (임원해변)
Imwon Beach is a 200-meter long and 50-meter small but white sandy beach. Behind the beach, Hwabanggul and Sogongbi, one of the most famous coastal caves, form a superb view.

Also, one can fish the black sea bream at Imwon Port's breakwater.

Jangho Beach (장호해변)
Jangho Beach is about 25 kilometers south of Samcheok City Hall.
It is a small beach with a broad white sandy beach and a half-moon-shaped coast with a depth of about 1 meter.

It is an ideal place for fishing. In addition, you can find convenience facilities, such as a parking lot, campsite, toilet, and shower areas.

Since 2004, it is designated as Jangho Fishing Village Experience Village, where you can enjoy various activities.

Jeungsan Beach (증산해변)
Jeungsan Beach is located 4 kilometers from downtown Samcheok. It is a quiet and small place with an average depth of 1~2 meters, so people of all ages can enjoy it safely.

Jeungsan Beach borders Chuam Beach in Donghae City and allows you to enjoy Chuam Chotdaebawi Rock's mesmerizing sunrise.

Maengbang Beach (맹방해수욕장)
Maengbang Beach is a demonstration beach within the Maengbang tourist attraction area located about 12 kilometers south of Samcheok City Hall.

Maengbang Beach, including Hamaengbang Beach, Sangmaengbang Beach, and Hanjaebae Beach, is 4 kilometers long, the longest beach in Samcheok.

At the southern end of Maengbang Beach, the clear freshwater of Sohancheon, flowing from Chodang Cave, meets seawater, allowing you to enjoy freshwater bathing.

Hamaengbang Beach was a filming location of movies and TV dramas, including 'Road Movie,' 'South of the Sun', and 'Indomitable Daughter-in-law,' among others.

Moonam Beach (문암해변)
Moonam Beach is about 17 kilometers south of downtown Samcheok. It boasts a beautiful natural landscape with a 1-kilometer-long white sandy beach and clear seawater. You can purchase fresh fish at a low price from the ships arriving at the nearby Chogok Port.

Samcheok Beach (삼척해수욕장)
Samcheok Beach is located 1.4 kilometers from downtown Samcheok. It is the largest beach in the city, with a wide sandy beach that stretches 1.2 kilometers long and 100 meters wide.

The dense pine forest, clean white sandy beach, and shallow waters allow people of all ages to enjoy swimming. Various facilities and well-equipped conveniences.

Nearby, you can find themed entertainment facilities. And don't forget to try the beach's fresh fish if you love it.

Sinnam Beach (신남해변)
Sinnam Beach is adjacent to National Road No. 7 and is located 30 kilometers south of Samcheok's downtown area. The beach is small and but convenient, so it is suitable for a family vacation.

Sangmaengbang Beach (상맹방해변)
Sangmaengbang Beach is about 5 kilometers away from Samcheok City Hall. It is also called Seunggong Beach, with an average water depth of about 1-2 meters.

Sangmaenbang Beach is famous for its clean white sandy beach with clear water and a dense pine forest. Nearby, there is a 6-hole golf driving range if you want to enjoy sports and vacation together.

Wolcheon Beach (월천해수욕장)
Wolcheon Beach is where the famous Wolcheon Amusement Park is established. It is about 40 kilometers south of Samcheok.

Wolcheon Beach is also where the site of Siljik-guk of the Samhan Period and the site of constant struggles with the Goguryeo Period since it belonged to the Silla Kingdom.

Wonpyeong Beach (원평해변)
Wonpyeong Beach, adjacent to Gungchon Beach, has a dense pine tree forest. Behind the beach area, you will find a marine bike railway.

In particular, enjoying the water while camping in the thick pine forest is popular with family vacationers.

Yonghwa Beach (용화해변)
Yonghwa Beach is located 24 kilometers from downtown Samcheok in the direction of Uljin-gun. It is adjacent to Yonghwa Beach Road.  

The half-moon-shaped coastline goes deep into the land, forming mountains with unique rocks protruding into the sea at both ends. The white sand beach is about 1-kilometer long, and the water is 1-1.5 meters deep, suitable for family vacationers.

As you can imagine, Samcheok beaches are inviting due to their unique and beautiful features. Besides, Samcheok beaches are very accessible by local public transport should you want to travel freely.

In addition, Samcheok beaches have the conveniences and facilities you would need during your short or long-term vacation. Electrical facilities, internet, WiFi, transport rentals, hotels, stay-in experience, and other necessities for holidays (and work) are readily available at most Samcheok beaches areas.

Thanks for reading, and have a great holiday whenever you're ready!

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