Top Jeju Island Beaches

jeju-island-beachesScuba diving and other water activities are popular on the island

Coolest Jeju Island Beaches

You can explore the top Jeju Island beaches on this subtropical paradise island or the dubbed "Hawaii in Asia."

Jeju Island is the most unique place you can discover among the best sites in South Korea. It is a volcanic island bedecked with natural sights and human-made attractions.

Among them, you can explore and spend your precious short holiday (or honeymoon) on one of its pristine beaches. Check them out below...

jeju-geumneung-beachGeumneung Beach during low tide on Jeju Island

Jeju Island Beaches

geumneung-eutteum-beachBeach area of Geumneung Eutteum Beach

Geumneung Eutteum Beach
Geumneung Eutteum Beach is a famous beach on Jeju Island. Summer and holiday-maker flock to this white beach to enjoy its offers.

Geumneung Beach is located close to Hyeopjae Beach and across from Hallim Park, a must-visit park on the Island. The beach has expansive white sand, which is soft to your sole. And its crystal clear seawater is excellent for your soul.

You can quickly get there by bus. Go to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and take the one that goes to Seoulju and then to Geumneung-ri, where the beach is located. It will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there from the city.

From Seogwipo City. Take a bus from Seogwipo Integrity Bus Terminal that passes by Seoilju and to Geumneung-ri. This travel takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes. Find out more about Geumneung Eutteum Beach here!

Gimnyeong Seongseji Beach

gwakji-gwamul-beachEntrance to Gwakji Gwamul Beach

Gwakji Gwamul Beach
Gwakji Gwamul Beach is one of the favorite beaches for Jeju Island residents and visitors, not from this beautiful Island in Aewol-eup.
Gwakji Beach is known for its expansive beach area and sandy shore.

Being away from the Jeju City and populated area, the beach is proud of its crystal-clear water.

Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to Gwakji Beach. Take a bus from this terminal (Seoilju Bus) that will bring you straight, with some stops, to Gwakji Beach in an hour and ten minutes or so.

Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal. Take the Seoilju Bus that will also bring you to the Gwakji Gwamul Beach area. Since Seogwipo is farther, it will take around an hour and thirty minutes to reach Gwakji Beach.

hamdeok-beachView of Hamdeok's beach area

Hamdeok Beach
Hamdeok Beach is one of the best and famous beaches on Jeju Island.

It is one of my favorite and memorable beach areas in the country. Its white sandy beach is the best attraction among its best features.

From Jeju International Airport. Take bus #38 to Hamdeok Beach. You need to find the waiting point as you get out of the airport. Ask someone to point your direction.

Also, you can take any bus for Jeju-si (City) Jungang Rotary area. From the Rotary, cross the road and take bus #10 to Hamdeok Beach. See more of Hamdeok here!

hyeopjae-beachRelaxing at Hyeopjae Beach

Hyeopjae Beach
Hyeopjae Beach is one of the famous beaches on Jeju Island, a top destination among summer holiday-makers and honeymooners. Visitors come any time of the year but more so during summertime.

Hyeopjae Beach belongs to the west side of Hanrim-eup, which is part of Hanrim Park, another popular place to explore Jeju Island's nature.
Hyeopjae is known for its white sand beach area, made of powdered seashells crushed naturally through time and mixed with the sand.

Bus from Jeju Airport. If coming from outside Jeju Island through its international airport, look for a coach with number 100 or 200 that will ferry you to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. From the terminal, transfer to a bus with number 202 then get off at Hyeopjae Beach Bus Stop. Check out more about Hyeopjae Beach here!

iho-tewoo-beachStrolling along the shores of Iho Beach

Iho Tewoo Beach
Iho Tewoo Beach is the most accessible beach area in Jeju City on Jeju Island, South Korea. It is very close to Jeju-si (city), where the Island's international airport is located.

Iho Tewoo (or Taewoo) Beach or "Iho Beach" is very popular because of what regular users and travelers say...

  • the wide sandy beach area
  • the gentle slope of the beach to the sea
  • subtropical temperature and atmosphere
  • the natural beauty and panoramic views around
  • and it has various public and private facilities.

To get there, you can take any of the following buses: 7, 17, 30, and 60
Then get off at Iho Beach Bus Stop. Usually, the automatic announcer is turned inside the bus. Announcements are in various languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese. See more about Iho Beach here!

jungmun-saekdal-beachSight of Jungmun Beach from the cliffy backdrop

Jungmun Saekdal Beach
Jungmun Saekdal Beach (or 중문해수욕장) is one of the famous Jeju Island beaches. It is strategically located in Jungmun's tourist complex area.

This beach area has a beautiful extensive sandy shore, which earned the name 'Jinmosal' (meaning 'fine sand'). This vast sandy beach is over 500 meters long. It is white sand. The beach slopes gently towards the sea, which has an average depth of over one meter only.

Here's how to reach the beach area. From Jeju International Airport, head to Exit 1 and catch bus #600. The bus interval (waiting time) is 15 minutes. After around 50 minutes of travel time, you will reach the Hyatt Hotel in Jungmun Tourist Complex, where you have to get off. See more of Jungmun Beach here!

samyang-black-sand-beachBlack sand and crimson sunset

Samyang Black Sand Beach
Jeju Island's Samyang Black Sand Beach is one of its kind on this famous travel destination island.

It is the only beach with a beach area filled with black sand. The sand could be the product of the volcanic activity of the country's highest mountain and volcanic - Hallasan Mountain.

Seemingly, the black sand has natural elements that can provide health benefits to users. They say that the beach's black can be goof for neuralgia, arthritis, obesity, athlete's foot, dermatitis, flu, and other physical and skin problems.

You can get there by bus. If you come from Jeju International Airport, you can look for the bus stop of bus number 100. Then just get off at Samyang Beach when you hear it announced inside the bus.

You can also find other buses that will bring you to the Beach anywhere in Jeju Island, which these numbers: 43, 700, and 701. Same as above, get off at Samyang Beach Bus Stop. From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 100. See Samyang here.

Sanho Beach (soon)

sehwa-beachAmazing view of Sehwa's white beach

Sehwa Beach
Sehwa Beach on Jeju Island is a cute and beautiful beach area. It is known for its emerald or cobalt blue seawater color. Since not many travelers are not so familiar with Sehwa, it is spotless.

You can relish the beauty of the black basalt rock during low tides, contrasting its color with the sand. Great for photography!

From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus #701 then get off at Sehwa-ri Bus Stop. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Please, see more here.

woljeongri-beachExpansive sandy Woljeongri Beach

Woljeongri Beach
Woljeongri Beach is a white and expansive beach area on the famous Jeju Island, South Korea. I can only say that you will love all beaches on this Island just like this one.

Here's how to get there via public transportation. From Jeju International Airport, take bus number 38 that will bring you to Hamdeokri (4gu). Then transfer to East Ilju Line bus (Seoilju Bus) and get off at Gujoa Jungang Elementary School Bus Stop.

If you are in a hurry and am really excited to get there quickly, take a taxi that can bring you in less than 30 minutes. Explore more here!

Thanks for visiting this Jeju Island Beaches page. I hope this helps. Enjoy your travels!

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