Samcheok Marine Cable Car

Samcheok Marine Cable Car

Samcheok Marine Cable Car is a great idea to enjoy the beautiful sea, land, and naturally stunning scenery in this area of Samcheok, Gangwondo Province.

The cable car runs a section across the sea with a length of almost a kilometer and a height of 21 meters without a pylon.

You can take this opportunity to view the area which runs from Yonghwa-ri to Jangho-ri at Geundeok-myeon in Samcheok.

Called the Sunshine and Sunrise cable car stations, the two facing each other shaped like two dragons.

From above the cable car, you will have a great view of the bluish pristine seawater and the inviting beaches under your feet.

samcheok-marine-cable-carEarly evening at Jangho Beach area and the last cable car trip.

Don't miss this opportunity when traveling to the Samcheok area. Should you be interested, please check out the address and contact details below...

Location: Yonghwa Station: 2154-31, Samcheok-ro, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Inquiries: Marine Tourism Center 033-570-4606~10

In addition, you can enjoy various tourist attractions such as the marine rail bike, the fishing village experience village, Haesindang Park, and the marine ropeway, which are the tourist attractions around the Samcheok Marine Cable Car.

samcheok-marine-cable-car-stationSamcheok Marine Cable Car Station, Yonghwa Station

At Samcheok Marine Cable Car, you will find it comfortable and easy to access via the facilities. The following information serves as your guide as you are in the facility...

  • Sky Lounge (rooftop)
  • Ticketing Office, Exhibition Room (1st Floor)
  • Management Office (2nd Floor)
  • Take-Out Coffee (3rd Floor)
  • Outside Observatory  (3rd Floor)
  • Cable Car (5th Floor)

Time-Table & Ticket Rates

The operation of the cable cars, safety measures, and relevant information is in the hands of cable car management.

Cable car operation can be shortened or extended, and operation hours could change for efficient operation.

Here is the information on the operation time...

Starts: 9:00 AM
Ends: 6:00 PM
Last ticketing time: 5:30 PM

The operation runs all-year-round but the time could change depending on the weather and number of passengers.

Now, let's check out how much it costs for a rider to enjoy this facility...

Adult: 10,000 KRW (round-trip ticket), 8,000 KRW (one-way)
Youth: 6,000 KRW (round-trip ticket), 4,000 KRW (one-way)
Elderly: 7,000 KRW (round-trip ticket), 4,000 KRW (one-way)

One is considered an 'adult' if you are and above 13 years old. And you are a 'child/youth' if you are below 13 years of age and above 36 months old.

If you come as a group (30 persons or more), you will get a discount (about 2,000 KRW for an adult). And another discount for child/youth guests (1,000 KRW).

You are considered an 'elderly' if you are and above 65 years old. Therefore, you need to present proof of your age (ID, driver's license, passport, etc.).

Locals/residents in the province can get more discounts, while the soldiers and people with disabilities and merits are also given discounts.

Payment Methods
You can pay in cash (preferably in Korean Won) at the ticketing office. Just like at most places in the country, you can also pay with credit cards.

I guess the above information is enough to make you excited and get there without any issues.

For more details, please visit the official website here.

More Attractions Nearby

Besides Samcheok Marine Cable Car, you should also take advantage of exploring the nearby attractions and sites. So please, check out the places below, some of which are mentioned earlier...

I hope you find this page helpful. Should you have any questions related to the above information, please drop me a line.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your trip and be safe always.

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